"Enjoying wide open space within.

The heart singing its song."


In its natural state, the heart is home for the whole world of 
Just by letting everything you come across, become one with your heart in a non-attachment manner, you realize yourself as oneness, as true love.

Online-Satsang with Simon

Regularly on webstream.


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34 pages of Online-Satsang. Transcribed by a participant (in German).

Thank you to Jetzt-TV for all the support over the years.

Berlin Meetings

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Belziger Str. 53, 10823 Berlin

Realities continuously change. Your personal consciousness is involved in this process in the most intimate way. This change is not arbitrary. As soon as you begin to investigate the dynamism of change, you`ll find yourself falling deeper and deeper, into the reality of your own true nature.

Berlin Meetings

In surrender to life you're going to grow in new, brilliant and unexpected ways time and time again.
This is enlightenment.
Not just a single happening but a continuously prevalent flow of energy a person can tune in to, can embody, can experience him/herself as.
It may start out as a thought, or a feeling, or both - I call it divine inspiration.
The wise person welcomes these new influences into their life - not knowing where they will lead to eventually, but sensing and appreciating the value, lightness and hope of this blessing. At the same time underlying fears and insecurities of the old self, caught up in self-sabotage and addiction, may resurface.

This is natural.
It's a continuous, ongoing process, that requires and will teach you lots of love, patience and sensitivity. You're dealing with your very being here after all.
Once sensed, once appreciated and welcomed, these new energies become part of your everyday life, they become part of who you are.
At first you try them out cautiously, you play with them, until you are so confident with this new garment, that you ultimately embody it.
This is enlightenment.

You're becoming who/what you've been all along, though never fully seen, never witnessed, never incarnated. The full and complete incarnation of who you are and whom you have always been through divine blessing and inspiration.



Via Videochat or live in Berlin.


Heart to heart

No technique

No theory

Entering and being within wide open space of our true nature.

Price: 33€/h

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